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    Joseph AskmeandImightactuallytellyou

    I am tired of getting the run around, I paid for Bolt and due to my cancer treatments, which have taken a toll on me, I have not regularly used it. However, Today I felt much better and wanted to do something with the program which I had bought and paid for only to continually be getting slapped in the face with account not recognized associated with which is the email of my Paypal and my gmail account that both have proof that I paid for BOLT. WTF is going on????

    I have never had any types of problems with anything I have ever purchased from Sam Bakker, in fact he has contacted me in the past when he learned of a problem I had with an offer I purchased through his affiliate link.


    None of my saved passwords in my password manager will log me into my BOLT account and since my computer that had all the software that was part and parcel of the bonuses which came with my purchase, had crashed I wanted to try to get them back onto this my new computer. Can you imagine what kind of HELL that has been, when all the links I had saved in my password manager also failed to get me the desired results?????


    WHY CAN I NOT ACCESS MY BOLT PURCHASE??????????????????????????????



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