Do you plan on adding new features and regularly updating iGloo?




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    What is the hosting options in the release section? I don't see how to use it? and what updates are coming? As you know, there have been many that you have not gotten back to me with 

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    Aaron Thompkins

    I'm wondering the same thing.  I saw this in the release, but I don't know how to use iGloo for hosting.  Does this mean the CloudFlare is an option?

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    Are there more plans to keep adding and updating features with IGLOO??  

    I'm mostly asking because I have concerns when the support page that links inside the membership plugin, is not supported, it does not work any more, as if it was abandoned or something.  

    I'm hoping for more than crickets... 

    Plus, a little frustrated, because the options for both payment options and autoresponders that are built into IGLOO are a little restricted. 

    Are you planning to add more payment options, like one of the most popular options, which opens up a world of opportunities for membership payments.  

    As to autoresponders, I know within pages I can add code and use any system I want, but the one built into IGLOO, can we use our own code from a different system not listed??  Is that possible?  

    Well, if I get a response here, great, if not, then I'll attempt to submit to report through this portal and see if I get a response that way.  

    Love the APP, and the ideas and would like to see it continue to become better.  

    Justin Taylor

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